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We at C2N believe in expeditious delivery of services. We achieve this by using automation and cutting-edge technologies to develop client-oriented solutions. Our AWS certified engineers and DevOps experts help clients to improve the build, release and deployment of application using the right approach. Using DevOps our team enhances the productivity by upscaling a number of challenges that majority of enterprises are facing. These challenges include:

  • Lack of or limited interaction between development team and operations.
  • Increased timely delay of the process due to cultural imbalances accessing the repository.
  • Lack of smooth delivery for software-oriented innovations.
  • Lack of a holistic approach on the entire process for continuous software delivery.
  • Unable to gain a competitive edge in the market due to delayed app development.

DevOps eliminates all the said challenges by bridging the gap between core operating teams. In this new service culture by using DevOps the interaction link between the development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams. The timely delay is removed by using cloud computing and sophisticated tools supporting automation and hence a fast-paced cycle is achieved. Our DevOps engineers have a profound view on both development and operations and our SRMs have a hawk eye view on the entire process at any given point of time.

We help our clients in adopting DevOps at every stage of the application development. The entire cycle is divided into four major blocks namely; Develop, Build & Test, Deploy and Operate & Monitor. Our DevOps team consisting of AWS architects and DevOps engineers divide the entire cycle into various sprints like:   

  • Plan
  • Code
  • Build
  • Test
  • Release
  • Deploy
  • Operate
  • Monitor

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